Small, simple applications that do one thing well.
A screenshot of the Pushbroom dashboard showing a graph of the traffic of this site.


Pushbroom is analytics upside-down. With no data collected by default, only track the thing you care about with simple, direct, HTML and JavaScript. Designed for privacy, respect, and creating the certainty you need.

A screenshot of two windows of the Super Imposer 3000 application, showing both the input PDF options and a preview of the imposed PDF ready for print.

Super Imposer 3000

A community-supported alternative to expensive industry imposing software, Super Imposer 3000 quickly and easily converts PDF documents from how they come out of your design software to how the printer needs them to make zines and books.

A screenshot of Dicegraph, showing the modeling pane and the output graph.


A statistical modeling tool—which is a fancy way of saying it’s a tool that shows you the likelihood of every possible outcome when you roll a set of dice. Way beyondstatistical averages, Dicegraph shows you exactly how likely any given outcome is, and empowers you to make smarter, better-informed decisions in your gaming.

A screenshot of Joseki Party, showing the Goban and the opponent invitation link.

Joseki Party